UniGroup Asia receives the Platinum award for Commitment to Service Excellence

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We were elated when we received the news that UniGroup Asia had once again been awarded the Platinum award for Commitment to Service Excellence at this year’s Cartus Global Network conference.

This is the third consecutive year we have received this accolade, which denotes the highest level of service performance a Cartus supplier can achieve.

“We feel blessed to have received such a prestigious award. Through hard work and the singular goal of providing the best customer experience, UniGroup Asia is proud to receive this award for the 3rd consecutive year.”
Joseph Lai

To be eligible for this award we had to consistently satisfy several critical performance metrics, notably a customer service score higher than 95%. Customers scored our service in four main categories: their overall experience, our adherence to time commitments and the quality of our packing and unpacking.

“It was a bumpy journey four years ago. If not for the encouragement from Cartus and the steadfast support from colleagues and teammates, we will not be where we are today. We are very thankful to have such great partnerships.”
Nita Ng

This achievement is a result of a dedicated team effort to improve service delivery over the past 4 years. We want to thank every UniGroup Asia team member for being a part of this success story.

“We are always striving for high customer satisfaction as well as more opportunities to prove our abilities. Only when our customers are happy with our services, will there be more opportunities for them to use us again. It’s a beneficial circle. We are sproud to receive this award and are encouraged to do even better in the future.”
Theresa Xie

We thank Cartus, for offering their encouragement by providing constructive feedback when we needed it most.

We also want to thank you, our partners, for putting your faith in us and for walking with us on our journey towards service excellence.

“We are very grateful to have been recognised by Cartus for our service quality. It’s rewarding to be part of an organisation that prioritises service quality.”
Aimee Zhang

As always, we’re looking forward to connecting with you.

Nita, Joseph, Theresa, Aimee